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Do's and Don'ts of Accessorizing Your Wedding Guest Dress Hire

Excited to be the showstopper at the next wedding you’re attending? You’re in the perfect spot! Mama Rentals is your destination for the most stylish, comfy maternity wedding guest dress hire that is all about making you shine. Imagine slipping into a dress that not only fits your bump beautifully but also echoes your personal style – that’s what we’re here for.

Accessorising a wedding guest dress hire can be a tad tricky, but oh, so fun! We believe every dress tells a story, and with the right accessories, you’re not just wearing a dress; you’re making a statement. Whether you're all about subtle elegance or looking to add a pop of glam, we've got insider tips to help you accessorise like a pro.

So, let’s dive in and transform your maternity wedding guest look from beautiful to breathtaking.

Why Choose Mama Rentals to Hire a Wedding Guest Dress?

We take the stress out of dressing up during pregnancy. Why worry about fitting into a beautiful dress when you've got a whole collection at your fingertips? Our dresses are meticulously chosen to ensure they're perfect for any trimester, making you look and feel fabulous, whether you're in the early days or the home stretch of your pregnancy journey.

No Stress, Just Dress

And it's not just about fitting in; it's about standing out — in every season. Whether you're attending a sun-kissed summer wedding or a cozy winter celebration, we've got you covered. Our range includes everything from breezy, lightweight fabrics to elegant, warmer options, all designed to cater to your comfort and style.

But here's the best part: our dresses are both bump and breastfeeding-friendly, offering you the ultimate convenience without sacrificing your look. We understand the unique needs of expectant and new mums, which is why our collection is thoughtfully selected to provide ease, accessibility, and a touch of glamour to your maternity wardrobe.

And after the celebrations, simply return the dress to us. We handle all the cleaning, ensuring each piece is immaculate for the next mum-to-be. That’s right, no laundry headaches here. 

Choosing Mama Rentals means you can focus on enjoying your special moments, looking stunning, and feeling confident, all with zero hassle. 

Accessorising Made Easy: The Do's

Accessorising your maternity wedding guest dress doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s your ticket to expressing your unique style while enhancing the beauty of your hired dress from Mama Rentals. Let’s break it down:

Match Your Style with Our Dresses

Every event has its vibe, and your dress should match that energy. Heading to a cooler weather celebration? Wrap elegance around you with our Scarlett Lace Maxi. This dress is a canvas for your creativity. Think delicate, gold or silver earrings that catch the light or a soft, luxurious shawl that drapes gracefully over your shoulders, adding both warmth and a touch of sophistication.

Feeling more in tune with a vibrant, outdoor ceremony? Our Posie Mini Dress is your go-to. This dress screams sunshine and smiles with its peachy print. Complement it with accessories that speak the same joyful language - a flower crown or a whimsical fedora hat that resonate with the dress’s boho vibe.

Floral Maternity Wedding Guest Outfit Hire

@krystianatiana is wearing the Coven & Co Posie Mini Dress - Maternity Photoshoot Dress Baby Shower Dress.

Comfort Meets Style

Our dresses are designed to make you look and feel great, and the right accessories can elevate that experience. Choose maternity slips with stylish flats adorned with accents that tie your look together. Think about a clutch that’s big enough for your essentials but compact enough to complement your outfit’s elegance.

And for those long events, consider accessories that won’t just look good at the beginning but will support you throughout the day. Elasticated belts can define your silhouette without constraining, while stylish yet comfortable shoes can keep you comfortable during a long day’s celebration.

Whether it’s through jewelry, slips, or other accessories, each piece you select should make you feel like the best version of yourself, ready to celebrate love and joy in comfort and style.

What Not to Do: Accessory Mishaps to Avoid

Accessorising your hired maternity dress can be an exciting journey, but there are a few fashion things you'll want to sidestep. Let's keep your look classy and avoid those mishaps that could turn your chic ensemble into a wardrobe whoopsie.

Keep It Classy, Not Clumsy

First up, treat your hired dress with the love and respect it deserves. When picking out accessories, steer clear of anything too heavy or sharp that might snag the fabric or leave marks. 

That means opting for smooth, snag-free jewellery and being mindful of embellished belts or accessories that might be too harsh against delicate dress materials.

And while we're all for making a statement, remember that less is often more. A gigantic, overpowering necklace might seem like a bold move, but could it detract from the elegance of your dress? Absolutely. Aim for balance. Choose pieces that complement rather than dominate. Your dress is the star of the show, and your accessories are the supporting cast.

Pink Maternity Wedding Guest Outfit Hire


@cocoandlola girl Eden wears a size AU 8 / small of L’idée De Luxe Gown - Lipstick.

Theme and Venue Vibes

Next, let's talk about the setting. The theme and venue of the wedding are your guideposts for accessorising appropriately. Attending a beach wedding? Lean into the laid-back vibe with simple, understated pieces—think a dainty ankle bracelet or a lightweight scarf that won’t look out of place with the sound of waves in the background.

Garden party on the agenda? Floral motifs in your accessories can echo the natural beauty around you. A soft, flower-adorned hairpin or a pastel clutch can tie your look to the setting in a subtle, thematic way.

The key is to sync your accessories with the occasion. You want to be the guest who's remembered for nailing the look, not the one who missed the memo. By aligning your accessory choices with the wedding's theme and venue, you ensure your style is on point, respectful, and utterly unforgettable.

Maternity Wedding Guest Dress Hire

Alyce is wearing our Rooh Collective Poppy Maxi Dress - Maternity Photoshoot Dress - Baby Shower Dress, captured by Nicola Brander Photography.

Celebrate Your Glow with Mama Rentals

Dressing up for a wedding while you're expecting should be a joy. We're here to ensure that every mama can embrace her pregnancy glow, celebrate her changing body, and truly shine at every wedding event. Let’s make each moment as unforgettable as you look.

Bump Friendly Wedding Guest Dress Hire

@hunterpremo is wearing the Petal and Pup Leona Midi Dress - Apricot - Baby Shower Dress.

Ready to Shine? Hire Your Wedding Guest Dress Today!

Feeling inspired? It’s time to turn those dreams into reality. Explore our curated collection of maternity wedding guest dresses for hire and find the one that speaks to you. Whether you're looking for something soft and romantic, chic and elegant, or bold and beautiful, we've got you covered. 

And with our super simple try-on service, finding your perfect fit couldn’t be easier. Don’t just dress for the occasion—dress to impress, dress to express, and most importantly, dress to feel your best. Head over to Mama Rentals now and let’s get you into that stunning dress you deserve.
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