$14.95 Express Delivery And Return for Rental Orders (Try On's Excluded)

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Want to try on the dress before you hire? Here at Mama Rentals, we offer a try-on service by post and by local pick up & drop off. 

Please note we can't deliver Try On orders on Thursday and Fridays. You can only try on garments on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. 

By Post - We can send you garments for you to try on for a try on fee (try on fee varies per item, but it is generally 25% of the rental price) plus postage and a Security Authorisation Charge. Simply try it on, and post it back within 24 hours at your local post office. Prepaid return packaging and label will be provided. 

The Try on fee will be refunded to you if you proceed to place a rental order within 3 days of trying on the garment(s). Simply head to the website and place a new order for the garment(s) you've tried on, and we will refund the try on cost of these garment(s) from your new order. Please note that only the try on fee of your chosen garment will be refunded. 

By local pick up & drop off - If you live in Sydney NSW, you can also try on through local pick up and drop off. We are located in Forestville NSW 2087. You can pick up the garments, try on at the comfort of your own home and return them within 24 hours. Sorry, we don't take visitors as this is not a retail store. 

Try-On orders need to be returned in its original, unworn condition, so we kindly ask you to not wear any fake tan, makeup or perfume when trying on dresses. If we find any signs of wear or odour, we will charge a full rental fee instead. 

To book a try on, simply go to a product page, choose "Try On" as the "Rental Duration" and choose an available date in the calendar to book your try on.

Please remember, try on orders are not formal rental bookings, so we assume your dates are flexible and we reserve the right to change the delivery date of your try on order if necessary, as we need to give priority to formal rental bookings (i.e. 2 day or 4 day rentals). This very rarely happens, but we will communicate to you in advance if this is the case. You will not be entitled to a refund if you are not willing to accept any other alternative delivery dates we propose.