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Mama Rentals was created with the aim of reducing fashion waste. From the very beginning, we were mindful about reducing plastic waste from our use of plastic mail satchels during shipping. So we ask every single one of our customers to send back the used mail satchel when they return their dresses, so we can recycle them through Terra Cycle’s mail satchel recycling program. 

But as our business grows, the amount of used plastic satchels piled up higher and higher. As we looked further into the subject of plastic recycling, we realised that this merely delays the inevitable but it doesn’t solve the problem. Our research suggest that recycling plastics means melting them down further, releasing more toxic fumes into the environment and casting them into a cruder plastic. It turns out that ultimately, plastic can only ever be 'downcycled' - becoming cruder and inferior in quality each time, and worse still, they become micro plastics that would wind up in our water systems and back into the food we ingest! So we knew there has to be a better way.

We were delighted when we came across BetterPackagingCo who offers innovative alternatives to plastic packaging, their compostable postal satchels can be composted at home and break down within 6 months. Not only they are better for the environment, they also smell delicious! So we started shipping out our dresses in these amazing mail satchels since July 2019.


betterpackagingco mail satchel

We are serious about working towards a zero waste business, so even if that means paying a little extra for shipping and packaging, it is worth it and we are not passing this cost onto our customers.

So when you hire your dress from Mama Rentals, you can take comfort and pride in that you are leaving the gentlest footprint on our planet, as well as reducing fashion waste, one dress at a time.

What could you do to help? Simply remember to not throw away the used mail satchel and send them back along with your rental, so we can make sure they will be reused and composted properly at the end of their life cycle. 

Thank you for choosing us and helping us make our business as zero waste as possible.