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Mama Rentals is born out of a passion for looking after our environment. We pour our heart and soul into making this business as waste-free as possible.

Our mission is to create a circular economy: by keeping products and materials in use, waste is eliminated. Every dress that is not purchased saves our precious natural resources from being depleted and, diverts waste from going into landfills.

Each step we take in the rental process has been carefully thought through, whether this is by choosing packaging that is 100% compostable, choosing eco-friendly laundering products, or composting in our own backyard. Our mission is to tread as lightly as possible on this beautiful planet of ours.


In order to eliminate plastic packaging waste during the shipping process, we are early adopters of compostable mailing satchels. We started using Better Packaging Co’s 100% home compostable mailing satchels and shipping labels in July 2019. These postal satchels can be composted at home and will break down within 6 months. Did I mention they also smell delicious?

In 2020, we also switched to compostable packing tapes, removing all plastic from our packaging completely. While we cannot stop Australia Post from putting their own yellow, plastic Express Post stickers on our mailing satchels, we re-use every single one of them whenever we can.

We also ask every customer to return the used satchel with their rental. This way we can make sure that every one of them is properly recycled or composted. This includes removing plastic stickers or tapes from the satchels, if there are any, then sorting them into the right bins and composting the rest.

Laundry Process

We use the ‘Aware Sensitive’ laundry powder for the general cleaning of our garments. Aware uses plant and mineral-based formulations without harsh chemicals or any fragrance. They use a low allergy dermatologically tested formula designed for those with sensitive skin to prevent any traces of sensitising irritants from getting stuck on the garments. 

From time to time and if there are fake tan or make-up stains, we hand wash some garments with pure soap. While we treat some stains with white vinegar, for tougher stains or odour, our garments will be soaked in Vanish.

If there is nothing we can do to remove the stains, we will dry clean our garments as a means of last resort. As dry cleaners normally use harsher chemicals during the cleaning process, it is something we try to eliminate as much as we can.

We hope you choose to hire from Mama Rentals not only because of our beautiful garments but also because of our values and the things that we do to preserve them. We believe that taking care of our planet requires inconvenient work, but it is work we are willing to put the effort in. Behind flashy marketing claims, there must be real action. We are so proud that we preach and practise this every single day.

What could you do to help?

Don’t forget to keep the used mail satchel and send it back with your rental so we can make sure it will be reused and composted properly at the end of its life cycle.

Thank you for choosing us and helping us keep our business as waste-free as possible.

Check out this short video how we run a zero waste business.

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