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Photoshoot Dresses For Hire – Outfits to Wear for Family Photo Shoot

Photoshoot Dresses For Hire – Outfits to Wear for Family Photo Shoot

The days are long, and the years are short. Kids grow up so fast. One moment, they are still a newborn baby in your arms; the next, they are leaping out of your car and running to the school gate. We know that, like most mums, you yearn to freeze and relive those beautiful moments over and over again. With family photography, you have the opportunity to do just that. Outdoor family photo shoots, especially when planned with a cohesive colour scheme and ideally in an outdoor setting, are a wonderful way to create lasting memories and capture those fleeting moments together forever. They are perfect for family sessions that aim to flatter every member in the frame. As you ponder over family photo outfit ideas or family picture outfit ideas, consider how your family photographer can help guide your choices.

This blog post lists some of our beautiful clients' photos in our dresses or family photoshoot outfits, to show you how you could style and dress for your family photoshoot. These visuals offer ideas for what to wear, ensuring you create timeless, beautiful photos for years to come.

Our dresses are not just for maternity; they are also perfect to wear for a family photo shoot

I know what you are thinking: I am not pregnant, why would I hire a maternity dress now? Well, our maternity photography dresses are actually not just for maternity; they are curated to suit pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Our women's collection is perfectly suited for family photoshoots, even if it is years after you carried your last baby. If you're looking for the best colours and styles to enhance your fall family photos, our dresses offer versatile options that elegantly adapt to your needs.

I'm sharing how effortlessly our dresses integrate into your family's cherished moments:

Spell Dawn Lace Gown in size XS at her beachside family photo session, showcasing how you can centre your outfits around the breathtaking scenery. Her choice perfectly illustrates picking your outfit for an unforgettable outdoor family photo session, making it ideal for those seeking inspiration for fall family photos or any picturesque setting.

Mama Mel is dressed in our We Are Reclamation There Is Only This Moment Gown, and her daughter is wearing the Tea Princess Eve Two Piece Set. They're wearing outfits that beautifully complement each other, exemplifying how to harmonise your family's looks for those special moments captured on camera.

Beautiful mama Briana is wearing our Rooh Collective Esha II Maxi Gown at her motherhood photoshoot.

Selecting the right outfit for Family Photoshoots is so important

Family photoshoots are about capturing raw emotions, and the outfits you choose are crucial in setting the mood and ensuring everyone feels comfortable and confident. Coordinating colours, styles, and themes while keeping it simple can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic, making your photos stand out. It's important to consider the colour scheme of your home, as these photos will likely adorn your walls. Avoid large, bright colours that might detract from the beautiful faces of your family members. Instead, opting for solid colours, such as a dusty rose, can be a great choice, bringing a dressy yet understated elegance to the shoot.

When you think about the investment in hiring a great photographer for your family photos, investing a little in your wardrobe becomes equally essential. After all, wearing something that complements the session's mood can really make or break your photos.

Our lovely client Bree is a prime example, wearing our Spell Imogen gown, reflecting a personal choice that doesn't overwhelm but enhances the photo's warmth and intimacy.

Our stunning mama here is wearing our Coven and Co Lover Gown, we love how she styled it with a leather bell to bring out her silhouette. 

Our client Alicia wears our Coven & Co True Romance Gown at her family photoshoot.

Outfit Hire for everyone in the family for family photography

Our client Christina is wearing our Bird and Kite Isabella Dress. Her son is wearing our Jamie Kay Parker Top.

One of the advantages of using our maternity photography dress hire service is the ability to find the perfect outfit for any occasion and everyone in the family without breaking the bank. Our collection not only caters to the ladies, we also offer outfits for girls, boys and men. So whether it's a beach vacation, a holiday getaway, or a milestone birthday, you can easily find dresses and outfits that complement each other without the hassle of shopping for everyone in the family.

An Eco-conscious and Budget-friendly choice for Outfit Ideas

Hiring dresses for family photoshoots is not only a fashion-forward choice but also an eco-friendly one. By opting to hire, you help reduce fashion waste and help us to build a circular, sustainable economy. Additionally, rental prices are usually at a fraction of retail costs, making it a budget-friendly option for families looking to create cherished memories without breaking the bank.

Mother and son at a beach family photoshoot, the mum is wearing Mama Rentals' Reclamation Magic Maker Gown in Dark Ivory.

Our gorgeous client Fitzy is wearing our We Are Reclamation Magic Maker Gown in Dark Ivory.

Family photoshoots are a beautiful way to capture the love and bond that you share as a family. By hiring dresses for your photoshoot, you can elevate the overall aesthetic and effortlessly affordably coordinate outfits. With many styles and sizes available for every family member, Mama Rentals provides the perfect solution to look and feel your best during these cherished moments.

Explore Our Recommended Family Photographers

Mama Rentals offers a carefully selected list of family photographers across Australia, making it easy for you to find a skilled photographer for your family photoshoot. These photographers are chosen for their expertise in capturing natural, candid moments that reflect the genuine emotions of families. They are adept at using natural light and diverse settings to create stunning visual narratives.

Clients who hire outfits from Mama Rentals may also benefit from special deals such as discounts on photography services or additional retouched photos, adding value to your photoshoot experience. This collaboration between Mama Rentals and photographers ensures a seamless integration of beautiful attire and professional photography, enhancing the overall aesthetic and quality of your family portraits.

By opting for a photographer from Mama Rentals' recommended list, you ensure not only the quality and professionalism of the photoshoot but also support a streamlined process that harmonizes your outfit choices with the photography style. This service is ideal for those looking to capture memorable family moments without the hassle of coordinating multiple aspects of a photoshoot independently.

Hire Family Photoshoot Outfits Now

Embrace the convenience of family photoshoot outfit hire for you and the rest of the family, and create memories you can treasure for years to come. Mama Rentals offers a curated collection of wedding dress hires including maternity wedding guest dresses, plus size maternity dresses, and newborn baby photoshoot dresses. Explore our collection and find your dream maternity wedding guest dress in Australia today.

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