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Breastfeeding Friendly Photoshoot Dress Hire

Should You Consider Hiring a Newborn Photoshoot Dress?

Welcoming a new bub into the family is a moment to cherish. We know that capturing those early moments will give you lasting memories for the years to come. Newborn photoshoots are a way to freeze time, holding onto the fleeting moments of newborn bliss. The beauty of these memories is not just in the moment captured but in the details that frame them. 

Newborn photoshoots have become a cherished way for parents to capture the early days of their little ones' lives. These photos serve as timeless mementos, capturing the innocence and beauty of newborns.

Featured cover photo: Our lovely client Paige is wearing our Coven Coven & Co Juliet Gown - Maternity Photoshoot Dress Wedding Dress, captured by @by__joey.

The Benefits of Hiring a Newborn Photoshoot Dress

Let's talk numbers for a second. Hiring a newborn photoshoot dress is a savvy move, especially when you weigh it against the cost of buying one. Think about it– your body is going through huge changes postpartum, you are no longer pregnant but you don’t look or feel like the old pre-baby you, so for this very transient stage in your life, does it make sense to splash out hundreds (or even thousands) when you can hire something spectacular for a fraction of the price? Mama Rentals gets this. We offer an array of dresses that won't break the bank, allowing you to channel your inner celeb on a realistic budget.

One of the best perks of heading to Mama Rentals for your breastfeeding-friendly newborn photoshoot dress needs is the variety on offer. Whether petite, plus-sized, or anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered. And it's not just about size. Our collection spans a rainbow of styles, colours, and designs. This means you will find a newborn photoshoot dress that feels like it was made for you and your little one.

Postpartum Plus Size Photoshoot Dress Hire

Our lovely client Keeley is wearing our Coven & Co Juliet Gown - Maternity Photoshoot Dress Wedding Dress, captured by @ashleighmaystudios.

How to Choose the Perfect Dress for a Newborn Photoshoot

Picking the right dress starts with your photoshoot’s vibe. Is it beachy and relaxed, or more formal and elegant? For a beach shoot, think flowy and ethereal to match the waves. For something more formal, a structured gown could add drama. Mama Rentals has a knack for themes. Our collection ranges from boho to cocktail, ensuring your dress won't just be an outfit, but a part of the story you're telling.

Comfort is important, especially postpartum. Your body's been through a lot, so choosing a dress that feels good is as important as how it looks. Look for flexibility in sizing – something that can adapt to your body's current state. Mama Rentals offers sizes across the board, with detailed descriptions to help you pick a dress that won’t pinch or squeeze but will make you feel fabulous.

Flowy Newborn Photoshoot Dress Hire

The We Are Reclamation Chiffon Delight Gown - Caramel - Maternity Photoshoot Dress, captured by @reneegosperphotographer.

Luxury Newborn Photoshoot Dress Hire

A rare shoot of our We Are Reclamation There Is Only This Moment Gown - Maternity Wedding Dress - Maternity Photoshoot Dress, for a newborn session, beautifully captured by @melaniekellermann_photography.

Complementing Your Baby’s Outfit

The cherry on top? Coordinating with your little one. This doesn't mean matchy-matchy (unless that's your jam), but rather complementing colours or styles that tie the look together. If your dress is a soft pastel, consider a similar palette for your baby. If you’re going for more of a bold statement, pick a simpler outfit for your newborn to balance the look. Mama Rentals’ diverse range makes it easier to find something that harmonises with what your newborn will wear, making those photos a cohesive masterpiece.

But the offerings at Mama Rentals don't stop at dresses for the mums. We’ve thoughtfully extended our range to include dresses for girls, boys, and your partner for family shoots, making coordinating outfits for that perfect family portrait easy. 

Boho Newborn Photoshoot Dress Hire

Our lovely client Hayley is wearing our We Are Reclamation Much Love Gown - Maternity Photoshoot Dress - Wedding Dress, captured by @bywoustina.

Professional Family Photographers

We get it, the magic is in the details. Mama Rentals collaborates with a network of talented photographers across Australia. This means not only can you find the perfect newborn photo shoot dress, but you can also connect with a family photographer who can capture the beauty of your family in this special moment. Some partnerships even offer discounts for Mama Rentals clients, adding value to an already wonderful experience​​​​.

Bottom Line

Ready to capture the magic of those first few weeks with your little one? Explore Mama Rentals and find the perfect newborn photoshoot dress to make your newborn photoshoot unforgettable. With our extensive One Size Fits Most collection that celebrates all sizes and styles, along with a commitment to sustainability, embrace an experience that's as thoughtful as it is beautiful.

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