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Top 9 Tips for Hiring Your Wedding Dress Without Hassle

Top 9 Tips for Hiring Your Wedding Dress Without Hassle

Are you dreaming of the perfect dress that embraces your bump with elegance for your special day? Imagine slipping into a wedding gown that feels like it was made just for you and your precious bump. At Mama Rentals, we turn those dreams into reality. 

With our lovingly curated wedding dress hire collection, we're here to make your special moments unforgettable, from photo shoots to your wedding day, without the stress of finding the perfect fit. Our eco-conscious approach means every dress you wear is a step towards a zero-waste celebration.

Ready to discover how to make your event truly yours with ease and style? Find the best tips you must follow to find and hire your wedding dress without hassle.

Our blog cover photo: Our We Are Reclamation There Is Only This Moment Gown - Maternity Wedding Dress - Maternity Photoshoot Dress, a wedding favourite, captured by Coast and Pines Photography.

1. Start Early: The Importance of Timing

The secret to a seamless, stress-free dress hire experience? It’s all in the timing. Starting your search early opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to choose from the cream of the crop without the rush. With Mama Rentals, we recommend booking a dress as soon as you have an event date locked in, preferably 2 weeks or earlier from your event. We also advise that you select a delivery date that is 1-2 days before your event, ensuring you have ample time to try on and twirl in your chosen wedding gown. 

This early bird approach not only secures your top pick from our extensive collection but also gives you peace of mind, letting you focus on the joy of your upcoming celebration.

2. Know Your Options: Exploring Australia’s Largest Collection

Dive into a sea of flowy, feminine gowns with a bohemian twist at Mama Rentals, where our vast selection of maternity wedding dresses awaits your discovery. Our curated collection features sought-after brands like Spell, Coven & Co, and Reclamation, embodying slow fashion principles and stunning designs.

Whether you’re envisioning a serene beach ceremony or a lush garden elopement, our wide range ensures there’s a dress to match every theme, style, and dream. Not finding the dress you’ve been dreaming of? Reach out to us, and we might just be able to find it for you. With Mama Rentals, your options are limitless.

Boho Midi Lace Wedding Dress Hire - Australia Only

Our client Emma is wearing our Spell Dawn Lace Gown, a petite-friendly wedding dress, captured by Photography by Joelle Beekman.

3. Size Inclusivity: Finding Your Perfect Fit

At Mama Rentals, we celebrate all bodies, especially at a time as transformative as pregnancy. Our One Size Fits Most and Plus Size Collection are curated with versatility and comfort in mind, ensuring you look and feel radiant in a dress that adjusts to you, not the other way around.

Accommodating sizes AUS 6-22, our dresses are crafted to flatter a wide range of body types, embracing your curves and your bump with grace. This commitment to size inclusivity means you can select your dream dress without compromise, guaranteed to look stunning for maternity photoshoots, weddings, and beyond. With Mama Rentals, finding your perfect fit is not just a possibility—it’s a promise.

Through every step of the way, Mama Rentals is committed to providing an exquisite, hassle-free experience for mums-to-be.

Our lovingly selected collection, eco-conscious ethos, and inclusive sizing ensure that every pregnant mum finds her dream dress for any special occasion. Begin your journey with us today and step into a dress that makes you feel as beautiful as you truly are.

Maternity Wedding Dress Hire - Australia Only

April is wearing our Isadora Tulle Maternity Dress with Nude Lining - Maternity Photoshoot Dress- Wedding Dress, captured by Kye Bobby Photography.

4. Try Before You Hire: Scheduling a Fitting

Finding the perfect maternity wedding dress for your special day is akin to discovering a piece of your dream coming true. At Mama Rentals, we understand the essence of this search and offer a seamless try-on service that ensures your chosen gown fits like a glove, accentuating your glow.

Whether you're nestled at home or eager for a quick postal try-on, we've tailored our service for your utmost convenience. Our try-on service invites you to experience the luxury and fit of our gowns from the comfort of your home.

And if you're in Sydney, the option for local pick-up and drop-off makes the process even more intimate and stress-free. This thoughtful approach guarantees you not only a dress that fits perfectly but also peace of mind as you prepare for your memorable event.

5. Embrace Your Unique Silhouette: Discover Mama Rentals' One Size Fits Most Maternity Wedding Dresses

In a world where every detail matters, Mama Rentals presents a collection that speaks to the heart of individuality without the need for alterations. Our One Size Fits Most Collection transcends the traditional bounds of maternity wear, offering dresses that naturally adapt to your changing silhouette.

The versatility of our collection ensures a perfect fit for every body type, sizes AUS 6-22. This thoughtful curation means you can select a dress that feels tailor-made, and designed to celebrate you at every stage.

With Mama Rentals, the focus is on you—your comfort, your style, your unforgettable moments. Embrace a collection that moves with you, making every dress your own through its flawless fit and inherent adaptability.

Boho Maternity Wedding Dress Hire

Our We Are Reclamation Bewitched By Boho Lace Wedding Gown - Maternity Photoshoot Gown, a one-size-fits-most and plus-size friendly dress, captured by Tiffany Alexandria Photography.

6. Budgeting Smartly: Luxury for Less

Embracing the elegance of rare maternity dresses while adhering to a budget can seem daunting, yet with Mama Rentals, it's a beautifully achievable reality. Hiring from our collection offers an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to purchasing a high-end dress you may only wear once.

This smart approach not only allows you to don a designer gown at a fraction of the retail price but also alleviates the concerns of post-event dry cleaning and storage. Our transparent pricing, including a refundable try-on fee of your chosen gown upon rental , ensures you can allocate your budget more effectively, perhaps towards other aspects of your wedding, honeymoon or into savings for your growing family.

Revel in the sophistication of our curated collection and make your special day all the more memorable, with financial peace of mind as the cherry on top.

Luxurious Lace Maternity Wedding Dress Hire - Australia only

Our We Are Reclamation There Is Only This Moment Gown - Maternity Wedding Dress - Maternity Photoshoot Dress, a wedding favourite, captured by Coast and Pines Photography.

7. Caring for Your Dress: Before and After the Wedding

In the whirlwind of joy that your special day brings, Mama Rentals ensures that caring for your maternity wedding dress is one thing you won't have to worry about. To keep your memories beautiful, we've crafted a hassle-free dry-cleaning policy tailored for your convenience. 

Our professional cleaning team will handle the cleaning, using gentle, eco-friendly methods to prepare the dress for its next adventure.

8. Accessorising Your Dress: Complete Your Look

Your maternity wedding dress is the canvas, and your accessories are the brush strokes that define your unique style. At Mama Rentals, we believe in the power of the perfect accessory to elevate your look. That's why we've handpicked an exquisite collection of accessories tailored for our expecting mums.

From ethereal flower crowns that whisper tales of romance to bohemian hats that evokes freedom and wanderlust, our range includes maternity slips and bras, ensuring comfort and style go hand-in-hand.

These thoughtfully selected pieces complement our maternity dresses, allowing you to craft a look that’s as unique as your journey.

9. Making It Official: Booking Your Dress

Hiring your maternity wedding dress with Mama Rentals is an exciting step towards your big day. To make this process as smooth and enjoyable as possible, follow our simple three-step guide:

Dive into our collection and select a dress that captures your heart for your special occasion. Choose your rental duration and delivery date on our website,  and book instantly. 

Receive your dress on or most likely before the selected delivery date. Try it on, and pair it with your chosen accessories. After your event, place the dress in the garment bag and prepaid return satchel provided and drop it off over the counter at Australia Post. From there, leave the care and cleaning to us, as we prepare the dress for its next journey.

For any questions or further details, including try-ons and return policies, our FAQ page will assist you in making your wedding dress hire experience with Mama Rentals as delightful and effortless as possible. Let us be a part of your story, making your special day not just an event, but a cherished memory.

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