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What to wear for your maternity photo shoot

What to wear for your maternity photo shoot

Maternity photos can be some of the most beautiful and intimate photos that you’ll ever take, what better way to remember this special period of your life, than to photograph the transformation of your body? Having the perfect outfit is key to making your photos look amazing. If you’re searching for the perfect dress to wear for your upcoming maternity photo shoot, here are some ideas that will help you and your beautiful belly look stunning.

General style tips

Regardless of what style of photography you choose to take, below are some general style tips we find that you just can't go wrong with.

Go maxi 

We love a flowy, maxi dress as it is incredibly flattering for any shape or size. They are great for pregnant photos also for practical reasons, as they can hide your swollen feet or crankles if you suffer from them during later stages of your pregnancy. The flowing fabric looks amazing in the wind and creates a lot of movement in a still photo.

Soft block colours

Soft, block colours are always great as they shift the focus on your belly and make it stand out more than other patterns. White/ivory, blush/pink, baby blue are some of the most popular colours for summer maternity shoots. 

blush coloured maxi maternity dress
(Source: beckyleanna.com)

But if you are taking photos during the cooler months, you can opt for more autumn/winter hues such as red wine or mustard yellow to create a beautiful contrast with the landscape.

woman wearing red maternity dress in autumn fields

(source: nataliecaho.com)


Nothing looks more feminine on a pregnant woman than the soft, luxurious lace, it softens and enhances your pregnant body and it’s also timeless. Check out some of our lace collections

Body hugging

Pregnancy photos are probably the only photos you will take whereby you can forget about sucking in your stomach:) What a woman’s body does during pregnancy is incredible, showing that off is the perfect way to pay tribute to your body. You can go with beautifully tight fitted dresses, they look stunning because they truly show off the amazing pregnant body.

Comfort is NOT overrated

One thing about outdoor shoots is that it's weather dependent, so make sure you dress for the weather as you don't want to be feeling uncomfortably hot or freezing during the shoot, because then all you want to do is to wrap up the session as quickly as you can. For this reason we love beautifully hand-made cotton maternity dresses made by Fillyboo, their bohemian inspired pieces are incredibly soft and comfortable, perfect for the free-spirited boho mums.

Fillyboo wonder years maternity dress in blush
(Source: Fillyboomaternity.com)

Decide on your photography style

The style of maternity photography varies a lot and it all comes down to personal taste and preferences. Once you have got a particular style in mind, you can then choose your outfit accordingly. 

Indoor studio shoot

Some mamas prefer the more styled, indoor shoots where you can show off your belly in a sexy gown, creating a more glamorous, dramatic look with special lighting and camera angles.

This type of photo shoot calls for more revealing, two-piece or split front gowns to capture your silhouette.

in door studio maternity shoot
(Source: mylittleone.photography)

At-home maternity sessions

At-home maternity sessions are cozy, intimate and captures the essence of your personality, style and relationship. When you are in your home environment, you are your most relaxed and true self, and that comes across through the camera lenses.

Your choice of clothing can also be quite relaxed and comfortable, opt for soft coloured casual wear, or sexy lingerie (if you prefer a more intimate boudoir shoot), and make sure that complements your partner or other children's style as well.
In home maternity session
(Source: annamurrayphotography)

Outdoor maternity shoot

If you are more inclined towards outdoor photo shoot where the natural light takes charge of creating that soft, glowing effect on your face and body, then your choice is boundless. You can go more revealing with your bump exposed in a split front dress, or you can choose to conceal the bump with a flowy, beautiful maxi dress that still accentuates your belly and curves.

Complete your look with accessories

Think of a beautiful flower crown to add to the romantic feel of your photos, or a little prop/detail added to bring you and your partner, or your other children together visually. For instance, red shoes on a girl and red bowtie on a guy, blue headband and blue belt, make sure the little element is subtle and not overwhelming. And there, you have just nailed the aesthetics of your maternity shoot!

 pregnant lady with flower crown                

(Source: 100layercakelet.com)

Prepare two outfits

Our suggestion is to have two outfits for your maternity shoot so you can have some nice variety in your photos, you can prepare one casual and one more dressy outfit, or two dresses with different styles or colour. Its also nice to just have a backup outfit to give your photographer more room to get creative with the combination of different outfits and backdrops. Let them know before hand you might need an outfit change during your shoot, most will be more than happy to accommodate that. 

Now ready to search for that perfect dress? Check out our collection of dresses specially picked for maternity shoots. 

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