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Photographer Q&A - Polly Jane

Photographer Q&A - Polly Jane

Polly, the creative force behind Polly Jane Photograhy is without a question, one of our all-time favourite photographers in Sydney. Her style is so incredibly natural and candid, she has a knack for capturing the most treasured moments of her subjects, in the most splendid light.

Maternity photo of a pregnant lady with her husband
We chatted with Polly today to get to know her better and to understand what makes her the photographer she is today.

Q: What did you do before you became a photographer? 

A: I worked as a multi site manager in fashion retail. After having my two boys, my options were… A: Go back full time in my original management role, or B: If I wanted to go part time, resign from my role and go back part time as a sales assistant. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my kids, so I took option B. It was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. At the time, I hated the huge step down in my career, but what it did for me, was make me look for alternatives. That's how I came to the realisation that there was a future for me as a photographer. Once I worked this out, nothing was going to stop me, my vision was clear and I've never looked back.

Maternity photo of a pregnant lady wearing the Fillyboo Wonder Year dress from Mama Rentals

Q: How do you manage the balance between family and photography, who looks after the kids when you are out shooting? 

A: This is probably my biggest struggle. My business allows me to be there for my kids, yet I work full time. Where I struggle, is I basically don't stop. My work hours are all over the shop, but it allows me to be there for my kids before and after school and at any school event etc. On an emotional level, I feel constant guilt, that even though I'm very present in my kids lives, I'm still not THERE enough. Or, I'm not spending enough time on my business. For shoots, I have amazing in-laws who will look after the boys, and my husband is also a wonderful support to me and an AMAZING Dad, so they are always in good hands.

Photo of a newborn baby wrapped in swaddle

Q: Your favourite kind of session? Newborn, Maternity, family, events, or weddings? 

A: Hmmmmm… it depends really. Without sounding safe, I do love them all, for different reasons. I love newborn sessions because I adore babies. Maternity because I feel I can be a bit more creative in these sessions. Family… well I love the energy of a Family Session and I basically always turn into a kid again. Weddings, I love but I don't do a lot of them as I don't want to be away from my kids too much. I take on about 8 a year, and because they are different from what I normally do, I absolutely love them. I feel very blessed to be a part of such a special day.

Maternity photo of a pregnant lady with her partner

Q: Do you use a particular presets for all your photos? How did you arrive on that preset?

A:  I do use presets, but I take a bit from a few and have created my own. They are great for experimenting.

Q: What is the one thing that expecting mums definitely shouldn't do when taking their maternity photos? 

A: Embrace the beauty in your pregnancy. Relax and just enjoy how beautiful your blooming body looks. It's only when you’re done and dusted with having babies that you realise just how beautiful being pregnant was.

Maternity photo of a pregnant lady dressed in a dress from Mama Rentals

Q: Sunset or Sunrise?

A:  I love sunrise but I don't love how rushed it always is. The best light is at the start of the session, so it's always a rush to get the shots with the best light, while the family still haven’t really relaxed. I think sunset would be my favourite. It's an easier and calmer session, the family have really connected with me by the time the magical light comes out.

Q: Who is your favourite photographer? or someone you admire? 

A: So many favourites, but someone who uses light in a way that constantly takes my breath away would be the amazing Yan Palmer, she is incredible.


To check out more of Polly's work, head to her website: 

Her sessions are in high demand so make sure you book her in as early as possible to avoid disappointments! 

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