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Our favourite Plus Size Maternity dresses

Our favourite Plus Size Maternity dresses

If you are a plus size mama or mama-to-be, and struggling to find a beautiful maternity gown or bump friendly dress that will make you look and feel amazing, you've come to the right place! Here at Mama Rentals, we celebrate women of all shapes and sizes, so we have curated a large collection of plus size maternity dresses (Australian size 18-22) that are perfect for weddings, maternity photoshoots and more. These dresses feature a flowy design, while still giving you a beautiful, feminine silhouette. Here are our top picks!

1. Fillyboo CLEO embroidered Gown and Duster in size XL

Featuring a flattering V-neckline, long sleeves with a generous amount of fabric around the bump, hip and arms, it enhances all the right places and yet gives enough coverage for your growing figure. It can be fully opened up to wear as a duster too. We love how our beautiful client Melissa looks in this gown her family photo session below:)


Fillyboo CLEO gown on a plus size lady
Fillyboo CLEO gown on a plus size lady
Fillyboo CLEO gown on a plus size lady

Photo credit: Wonderland Images


2. Coven and Co Pirate Queen Maxi gown size XL

This super popular Coven and Co Pirate Queen Maxi is one of our best sellers for all shapes and sizes. The size XL dress, although it is said to go up to size 16, can in fact go up to size 20-22. It is a wrap style dress with attached waist ties, so it is highly customisable to cover your growing bump. The fabric itself also has some stretch. 

Our beautiful client Cathryn tells us how comfortable she feels in this gown being a size 20-22 and we love her family photos so much!
beautiful plus size lady wearing the Coven and Co Pirate Queen Maxi dress in size XL

beautiful plus size lady wears the Coven and Co Pirate Queen Maxi dress in size XL

 Photo credit: Cullen Photography


3. Fillyboo Wonder Years Maxi size XL

The Fillyboo Wonder Year embroidered maxi gown is an all time favourite gown for pregnant ladies here in Australia. We love how versatile and flexible it is to wear and style. You can wear it off the shoulder or on the shoulder, the detached waist tie is there to give you that beautiful silhouette while the rest of the dress is super loose and flowy. See our gorgeous client Michelle wearing the size XL in Ivory at her maternity session:


beautiful pregnant plus size lady wearing the Fillyboo Wonder Year maxi dress in size XL


beautiful pregnant plus size lady wearing the Fillyboo Wonder Year maxi dress in size XL
beautiful pregnant plus size lady wearing the Fillyboo Wonder Year maxi dress in size XL

Photo credit: Rose Grace Photography


 4. Fillyboo Bojangles Maxi gown/duster in Lilac and Gold

This gorgeous boho dress is super versatile as it can be worn as a dress, or a duster if fully opened up. Featuring loose sleeves with tassels and a very generous upper body and plenty of room for your bump and hips, it is a plus size mama's dream dress. Our gorgeous client Jaime (Photo 1) is a size 20 and is very comfortable in the size XL. 

Photo credit: Jaime Rhiannon 

beautiful plus size pregnant lady wearing the Fillyboo Bojangles gown

Photo credit: Abby Chanel


5. Fillyboo Strawberry Fields embroidered Maxi Gown

The Fillyboo Strawberry Fields maxi is of a similar style to the CLEO gown, however it features a deeper V-neckline. It is has a very loose fitting bodice and like all Fillyboo dresses, has a lot of fabric to accommodate your growing bump. The embroideries on this dress is simply gorgeous and we love how comfortable our client looks in the size XL dress. 

Gorgeous plus size pregnant lady wearing the Fillyboo Strawberry Fields dress

Photo credit: Bloom Photography Co


6. Eve Lace Kimono in Black (One Size Fits All)

This gorgeous black lace kimono is a true one size fits all, it's a beautiful floor length kimono and the fabric has a lot of stretch. Our gorgeous plus size model Jaime (She is actually a plus size Model!) wears it so perfectly as you can see here.

Photo credit: Jaime Rhiannon 


7. Hazel and Folk Emmaline Maxi Gown

The ultra romantic Hazel and Folk Emmaline Gown is super versatile and has plenty of room to fit up to a size 22. It comes with a matching removable waist tie so you can adjust it to make it work for your figure. 

While we haven't gotten a plus size model wearing this gown yet, here are some photos of it on a size 14 mama and you can see it still has so much room! 

beautiful pregnant lady wearing the Hazel and Folk Emmaline gown in white

Photo credit: Hazel Louise Photography

8. Coven and Co True Romance Gown size XL 

This gorgeous gown has beautiful white tassels and sweet, flattering sleeves that can be worn on or off the shoulder. The elastic used in the sleeve is super soft and gentle, so it doesn’t dig into the arms at all. Here is a photo of a gorgeous size 18 lady wearing the size XL.

beautiful plus size lady wearing the Coven and Co True Romance gown


9. Coming soon... Reclamation Magic Maker gown in Plus Size

We have ordered a plus size gown for this gorgeous Reclamation Magic Maker gown. We hope to get a plus size model in this gown as soon as we received this gown, it's currently getting made with love in Canada. For now, here is a look at the gown itself on a size 8 lady:

Photo credit: Jessica Snow Photography


This is not the exhaustive list of plus size gowns we have in our collection, check out our plus size maternity dress collection for more.

Check out an Instagram reel we've made for our plus size ladies:



We are constantly looking to add new treasured pieces to our collection and we always want to make sure our plus size ladies are looked after! If you have been eyeing for a dress that we don't have in our collection yet, drop us a line and let us know! 


Alice x










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