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The Dos and Don'ts of Hiring Your Wedding Guest Dress

Mama Rentals is the go-to brand for maternity wedding guest dress hire in Australia. As you embark on this exciting journey of finding the perfect guest dress for that special occasion, it's essential to know the dos and don'ts of hiring. 

With our rich history of providing stunning hire options, we understand the importance of making a statement without breaking the bank. At Mama Rentals, we've seen it all – from fashion faux pas to jaw-dropping ensembles.

Understanding Wedding Dress Codes

Different Wedding Dress Codes

Weddings come with various dress codes that dictate what guests should wear. Understanding these dress codes is crucial to ensure you're appropriately dressed for the occasion. 

For example, "black tie" requires formal attire, while "casual" allows for a more relaxed outfit. It's essential to familiarize yourself with these dress codes to avoid any fashion faux pas.

Consider factors such as the venue, time of day, and the invitation itself. A beach wedding may call for light and breezy attire, while an evening ceremony at a luxurious venue might require more formal dressing. 

Always pay attention to any specific instructions provided by the couple in the invitation.

Rooh Collective Poppy Maxi Dress - Maternity Photoshoot Dress Hire - Baby Shower Dress Hire - Yellow Floral Maternity Photoshoot Dress Hire

Our Rooh Collective Poppy Maxi Dress, captured by Olive Lane Photography.

Importance of Following Dress Codes at Weddings

Following dress codes at weddings demonstrates respect for the couple getting married and their chosen theme or ambiance for their special day. It also ensures that you blend in seamlessly with other guests and contribute positively to the overall atmosphere of joy and celebration. 

It's important not only to understand different dress codes but also to adhere strictly to them when selecting your outfit as a wedding guest. Doing so will help you avoid standing out inappropriately or making others uncomfortable due to being over- or under-dressed.

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Deciphering Wedding Attire Expectations

Common Expectations

There are some important dos and don'ts to keep in mind. First, consider the common expectations for wedding guest attire. Different weddings may have different dress codes, such as black-tie, semi-formal, or casual. 

It's crucial to understand these dress codes before selecting your outfit.

For example:

  • A black-tie event typically calls for formal evening wear, while a casual beach wedding might allow for a more relaxed sundress.
  • Understanding the formality of the event will guide you in choosing an appropriate outfit that aligns with the couple's vision for their special day.

    Factors to Consider

    Next, when deciding what to wear as a wedding guest, it's essential to consider various factors. Take into account the venue and time of day of the ceremony and reception. 

    For instance, an outdoor summer wedding may require lightweight fabrics and bright colors, while a fall or winter celebration could call for richer tones and heavier materials.


    • The season can impact your choice of attire; think about whether you need layers or sleeveless options.
    • Cultural or religious considerations may influence your selection of dresses to ensure respect and sensitivity towards traditions.

      Striking the Right Balance

      Finding the balance between style and appropriateness is key when hiring your wedding guest dress. Aim to express your personal style while adhering to any specific dress code requirements. 

      Avoid wearing anything too revealing or attention-grabbing that could potentially overshadow the bride on her big day.

      Essential Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Guest Attire

      Dress According to the Specified Dress Code

      When attending a wedding, it's crucial to adhere to the specified dress code. If the invitation indicates "cocktail attire," opt for a semi-formal dress or suit. For a beach wedding, choose light, flowy fabrics and resort wear. 

      By following these guidelines, you show respect for the couple's wishes and ensure that you fit in seamlessly with the overall ambiance.

      Always keep in mind that your outfit should reflect the formality of the event without overshadowing the bride and groom. You can never go wrong with classic choices like knee-length dresses or tailored suits.

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      L’idée De Luxe Gown - Sunset: Chic Deep V-Neck Maternity Dress Hire - Red Carpet Maternity Dresses For Hire - Event Ready Glam Gown - Wedding Guest Dress Hire for maternity and beyond

      Our lovely client Kerstyn @hireabridesmaid_ is wearing the L’idée De Luxe Gown - Sunset in size L.

      Consider Venue and Theme While Selecting Your Outfit

      The venue and theme play pivotal roles in determining your guest attire. For instance, an outdoor garden wedding calls for floral prints or pastel colors, while an urban loft setting may warrant more modern and sleek ensembles. 

      Always consider factors such as weather conditions when choosing your outfit – opting for breathable fabrics during summer weddings is always a wise choice.

      Remember that comfort is key; you'll want to enjoy yourself on this special day without constantly adjusting uncomfortable dresses or feeling out of place.

      Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Guest Dress

      Consider the Season and Weather Conditions

      When hiring a wedding guest dress, it's crucial to consider the season and weather conditions. For warm summer weddings, opt for light, breathable fabrics like chiffon or cotton. 

      In contrast, for fall or winter events, choose dresses made from heavier materials such as velvet or satin to keep you warm.

      Think about the location of the wedding. If it's an outdoor event in a tropical climate, dresses with floral prints and lightweight designs are ideal. 

      Conversely, for indoor ceremonies during cooler months, long-sleeved gowns or elegant wraps can provide both style and warmth.

      Ensure that your hired wedding guest dress aligns with these considerations to guarantee comfort while looking fabulous at any wedding throughout the year.

      Hazel & Folk Emmaline Maxi Gown - Sage - Maternity Photoshoot Dress - Maternity Wedding Guest Hire

      Felicity is wearing our Hazel & Folk Emmaline Maxi Gown - Sage - Maternity Photoshoot Dress, captured by Eve Constance Photography.

      Find a Dress That Flatters Your Body Type

      When selecting a wedding guest dress, focus on finding one that flatters your body type. For instance, if you have an hourglass figure, consider A-line silhouettes that accentuate your waist while skimming over hips and thighs.

      On the other hand, if you have a pear-shaped body, look for dresses with fitted bodices and flowing skirts to balance out proportions. Moreover, choose options that highlight your best features while minimizing areas you may feel less confident about.

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      L’idée De Luxe Gown - Punch - Maternity Wedding Guest Dress Hire - Maternity Photoshoot Dress Hire - Maternity Formal Wear Outfit Hire

      Beautiful Coral Hagan Photography is wearing our L’idée De Luxe Gown - Punch.

      The Ultimate Guide to Renting Your Wedding Guest Dress

      Benefits of Hiring a Dress

      Hiring your wedding guest dress comes with several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to wear a high-quality designer outfit without the hefty price tag. This means you can rock a stunning ensemble for the special occasion without breaking the bank. 

      Hiring reduces environmental impact by promoting sustainable fashion practices. By choosing to hire instead of buying, you contribute to minimizing textile waste.

      Another advantage is the convenience factor - no need to worry about storing or cleaning the dress after use. Once the event is over, simply return it without any hassle. 

      Furthermore, hiring gives you access to a wide range of styles and designs that may not be feasible if purchasing outright.

      Finding Reputable Dress Hire Services

      When looking for dress hire services, whether online or locally, it's essential to research and read reviews from previous customers. Look for reputable dress hire platforms or stores that have positive feedback regarding their dress quality and customer service.

      Consider using well-known wedding websites that feature trusted advertisements for dress hire services. These sites often provide verified vendors who offer reliable services in ensuring top-notch dresses and customer satisfaction.

      To ensure a perfect fit when hiring your wedding guest dress, take accurate measurements before selecting your size on the dress hire platform's website or discussing them with store staff if visiting in person.

      Surviving Wedding Season on a Budget

      Saving Money on Wedding Guest Attire

      There are several dos and don'ts to keep in mind. One of the key factors is finding ways to save money without compromising style. Shopping sales and discounts can help you find affordable options that align with the latest trends. 

      Considering borrowing or swapping dresses with friends can expand your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

      Hiring a dress for a wedding allows you to wear designer pieces at a fraction of the cost, giving you access to high-end styles without the hefty price tag. By opting for dress hire services, you can sport luxurious outfits that perfectly suit the occasion while keeping within your budget.

      Making Informed Choices

      When hiring your wedding guest dress, it's crucial to be mindful of certain dos and don'ts. Ensure that you thoroughly inspect the hired dress for any damages before wearing it. This will help avoid unexpected charges or issues upon returning the attire.

      Furthermore, don't forget to read through the dress hire agreement carefully and understand all terms and conditions related to damages, cleaning, and return dates. Being aware of these details will prevent any misunderstandings or additional expenses down the line.


      • Access designer pieces at an affordable cost.
      • Expand wardrobe options without overspending.


      • Limited customization compared to purchasing.
      • Potential extra fees for damages if not careful with the hired dress.

        Final Remarks

        You've now got the lowdown on decoding wedding dress codes, understanding attire expectations, and mastering the dos and don'ts of wedding guest fashion. With these insights, choosing the perfect dress and hiring it for the big day should be a piece of cake. 

        Remember, it's all about strutting your stuff with confidence while respecting the couple's wishes. So go ahead, rock that hired dress like it's your own, and make heads turn for all the right reasons!

        Now that you're clued up on your wedding guest dress hire, it's time to put those tips into action. Hit up Mama Rentals, pick out a stunning outfit, and get ready to slay at the next wedding on your calendar. With these dos and don'ts in mind, you'll be the epitome of style and grace without breaking the bank. Happy shopping!

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